The brief spirit of FreeRider

FreeRider designs and manufactures its own designs and has developed precision products since we were established in 1995. We believe in producing quality products working closely with our customers around the world. Complete after sales service and training is available to educate your engineers to support the 

FreeRider History

1.In June 1995, the first FreeRider model FR500 was produced at one 2,200 square foot factory at No. 30, Alley 12, Lane Yong Horng, Jen Wu Hsiang, Kaohsiung County.

2.In November 1995, FreeRider launched this new product at the Medtrade Show, Atlanta.

3.By April 1996, FreeRider had developed three more scooters and needed to move to a new 10,000 square foot factory at No. 2-3, Lane Song Pu Bai, Niao Song Hsiang, Kaohsiung County.

4.With sales approaching 10,000 units the factory needed to expand again moving to a 40,000 square foot unit.

5.In December 2000, continued growth meant a move to our current 90,000 square foot factory. With the continued growth of sales worldwide and with new product development, FreeRider is already planning its next move.

The quality range of FreeRider scooters has established itself on its own domestic market and sales worldwide. The research and development team have brought together a range of scooters to meet many mobility needs of customers around the world.

FreeRider corporation headed by Arthur Wang brought together an enthusiastic team of professional people with the added insight of a scooter users prospective from Ju Yu Fan. Before the company started in 1995, the team carried out several years of research to ensure the FreeRider scooters met the needs and demands of our customers.

The company gained recondition for its hard work at the Medtrade shows in 1995 and 1996 with their innovative designs.

Following other exhibitions around the world FreeRider has established its range with customers in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia, new Zealand and many more countries.

Today, FreeRider scooters are used worldwide bringing freedom and independence to many elderly and disabled customers.